Principles That Make a Difference

Our MISSION at Professional Excavators & Construction Inc. is to lead Calgary’s construction industry by:

  • Providing core services such as asphalt paving and concrete, cutting and coring, demolition, excavation, water and sewer installation, infrastructure, and site management.
  • Backing these services with our strength of experience, cooperation, supervision, and project scheduling.
  • Delivering these services with excellence that is rooted in our corporate values of safety, self-reliance, and honesty.
  • Celebrating our long-term commitment to this community and all our stakeholders, including our employees, clients and suppliers, by operating with integrity and honour.

At Professional Excavators & Construction Inc. our VALUES are at the forefront of every decision we make.

We value our:
Reputation as a leader:

  • We value our reputation and we protect it by ensuring that our relationships with our clients, suppliers, employees and community are conducted with honesty, fairness and good will.

Commitment to serve our customers:

  • We value our customers and we are committed to delivering the highest level of service.

Contribution of our employees:

  • We value our employees and we honour their contribution to this business by ensuring health and safety standards, equitable wages and benefits.

Community relations:

  • We value our community and we contribute to its members and institutions through donations of services and dollars to organizations and individuals that make our society a healthier and better place.

The VISION for Professional Excavators & Construction Inc.
Our vision for Professional Excavators & Construction Inc. is to be, and to be known as, a resilient and pro-active leader in Calgary’s construction industry that does things right while building the future for our children and grandchildren.